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Auto Dealer Parts and Services Software

Auto dealer parts and services software shouldn’t just keep track of your parts. It should allow you to be quick and efficient so your customers keep coming back. That’s exactly what DealerClick parts and services software does. It’s easy to use, everything is integrated with your DMS, and your tools are on one screen!

Financing Options

Easily add the cost of parts and services transactions to the deal structure! This helps raise your sales numbers by allowing you to offer more financing flexibility.

Streamlined Workflows

Create and manage service tickets, manage your inventory with a scanner, print barcodes, and automate task scheduling. These are just a few of the time-saving workflows built into this awesome auto dealer parts and services software!

Quickbooks Exports

Easily export data from DealerClick parts and services software to Quickbooks. As a certified partner with Quickbooks our export is professional and complete. Ask about our integration with Quickbooks during your demo!

24/7 Customer Service

Professional set-up at your training time is a huge feature. We can even import data from your existing program into DealerClick parts and services software to make sure your program is set exactly how you need it from the start.

DealerClick DMS has been a part of our dealership for over 20 years now. It doesn't just work, it makes my life easier. There's a lot of integrations and automation so I don't have to do the same things over and over. I'd recommend checking out this DMS system to any independent dealer who wants to save some time and maximize profits on the back-end.
John Roe
Sales Manager, AutoDiscount USA

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