RV Dealer DMS Software

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Stay on top with a full RV dealer DMS software. 100% Compliant in all 50 states. All the controls you need to quickly structure an RV or Trailer sale. You can even present your customers with various deal structures with our QuickDeal technology.

  • Customers can choose from several deal structures.
  • Easy financing with our QuickDeal technology.
  • Send offers and quotes to leads.
  • Easily adjust down payment and APR anywhere.
  • Flexible options for credit-challenged customers.
  • Easy soft-pull credit scores with no negative effect.

Inventory Management

RV Inventory management is a centerpiece of our RV dealer software. Keep track of custom built and highly modified RV’s or trailers with detailed cost break-downs. Our RV appraisal tools are also unique to our system. Never overpay for your inventory again!

Finance & Insurance

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Back-end profits have never been sweeter with our F&I integrations! Quickly choose warranty, insurance, or GAP from within your DealerClick RV system. And Lending decisions are predetermined using FundCars lending network.

  • Instant lending decisions with Fundcars integration.
  • Send applications to multiple lenders.
  • Fully integrated with RouteOne and DealerTrack.
  • Flexible gross profits.
  • Adjustable back-end tools.

Quickbooks Accounting

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Save time and money on accounting with our certified Quickbooks integration. We’re one of only 2 DMS providers with certified integrations. This is not a data-dump, all financial data is neatly integrated with the proper chart of accounts in Quickbooks.

  • Integrates with your Quickbooks.
  • One-click sync for transaction data.
  • Advanced support and consultation optional.
  • Produces all standard legal reports.

RV Dealer DMS Software to Drive Your Dealership!

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Payment Processing

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Save time by setting recurring payments from within DealerClick. Fully managed BHPH payment schedules with controls for missed and inaccurate payments. All financial data is one click away from Quickbooks at any time.

  • Automated recurring payments for BHPH.
  • Repo & Collections integrations for missed payments.
  • Pay by text, phone, email, or card.
  • Flexible and low rates available.

eContracts & Forms

dms law contracts and forms

All contracts and forms in laser digital format! Get access to ALL legal forms in all 50 states at a lower price than any other DMS system. Fully compliant and guaranteed legal in your state. Specialty forms also available for rental, rent to own, and leasing.

  • Reynolds & Reynolds LAW 553 retail installment contracts (RIC).
  • Wolters Kluwer Bankers System retail installment contracts (RIC).
  • Seadra rent to own contracts available.
  • All forms available in standard Dot Matrix format.
  • Plain paper forms and contracts where legally available.
  • 50 State forms library online accessible.
  • Use our Form Pack technology to preset common form combos.

Credit Bureau Integrations

dsm credit bureau integration

Easily pull credit without having a negative effect on your customers credit rating. Choose from several vendors like 700Credit or Credit Bureau Connection. All credit bureau integrations are within DealerClick.

Titling & Temp Tags

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Fully integrated means that you can configure, purchase, and print from with your DealerClick software. Certified integrations with Fairfax Imaging, DMV Desk, and CVR have you covered coast to coast.

  • Process electronic titles and registrations quickly.
  • Easily request, purchase & transfer temp tags.
  • Certified with Fairfax Imaging, DMV Desk, and CVR.
  • Fully integrated within DealerClick.

RV Dealer DMS Software to Drive Your Dealership!

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Reports & Analytics

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Access all your historical reports anytime anyplace. Easily get your data out of the system for analysis or data mining. Fully compliant 6-year backups for DMV or state audits.

  • Advanced admin reports.
  • Free access to reports library.
  • Print or email reports on the go.
  • Export data easily via PDF or CSV format.

Mobile Management

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Enjoy the flexibility of mobile management. Easily manage all aspects of your dealership from the palm of your hand with our industry-leading dealership apps. Safe and securely encrypted, you can have peace of mind accessing your data over any network.

  • Fully manage inventory and photos.
  • Available on iOS and Android.
  • Keep in touch with contacts by SMS or email.
  • Best selling DMS app available today.