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7 Reasons the Rent-to-Own Model Rocks Image

Exploring Benefits: Why Rent to Own is a Game-Changer

September 20, 2022

Maximizing Profit with Rent to Own Car Dealership Model

The Rent to Own (RTO) car dealership model presents an attractive alternative to traditional Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) setups, offering multiple financial and operational advantages that can significantly increase profitability.

1. Reduced Risk

Unlike BHPH, where dealers face high liability, RTO models minimize risk as dealers retain vehicle ownership until the final payment, simplifying repossession and reducing associated costs.

2. Consistent Revenue Flow

RTO agreements often feature weekly or bi-weekly payments, ensuring a regular income stream and mitigating monthly financial fluctuations common in BHPH models.

3. Enhanced Control Over Delinquencies

As the titled owner in an RTO arrangement, dealers wield more power in enforcing payment disciplines, ensuring better control over the financial engagements.

4. Immunity to Customer Bankruptcy

In RTO, the dealer remains the vehicle owner, offering protection against customer bankruptcy or financial instability, safeguarding the dealership's assets.

5. Simplified Vehicle Recovery

RTO models eliminate the need for external repossession services. Dealers can easily reclaim ownership through legal channels without incurring extra costs.

6. Tax Benefits on Income

Taxation in RTO models is based on actual earnings rather than projected profits, offering immediate tax relief and better cash flow management.

7. Depreciation Benefits

Owning the vehicles allows dealers to claim depreciation on their tax returns, offsetting some costs of asset devaluation and enhancing financial health.


The Rent to Own car dealership model is a lucrative and less risky alternative to BHPH, offering steady income, better control over assets, and significant tax advantages. By adopting the RTO model, dealers can enjoy increased profitability and a more stable financial footing.

Author's Name
By Joshua Aaron. Written in Los Angeles.