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7 Reasons the Rent-to-Own Model Rocks Image

Exploring Benefits: Why Rent to Own is a Game-Changer


4-5 min read

September 20, 2022

The Rent to Own (RTO) car dealership model is reshaping how dealerships manage financing, providing a robust alternative to traditional Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) setups. This model offers unique advantages that boost profitability, reduce financial risks, and simplify vehicle management. Let’s dive into the seven key benefits that make RTO a superior choice for car dealerships.

1. Reduced Risk

The RTO model significantly reduces the financial risk typically associated with financing. Dealers retain ownership of the vehicle until the final payment is made. This arrangement simplifies the repossession process if necessary and reduces costs related to loan defaults.

Key Advantage:

  • Lower Default Costs: Minimizing the financial burden associated with defaults allows for more predictable and secure financial planning.

2. Consistent Revenue Flow

RTO agreements usually require weekly or bi-weekly payments, which creates a consistent and reliable income stream. This setup contrasts sharply with the often sporadic revenue patterns seen in BHPH models, where monthly payments can vary widely.

Key Advantage:

  • Stable Cash Flow: Regular payments help stabilize the dealership’s cash flow, facilitating better budgeting and financial management.

3. Enhanced Control Over Delinquencies

With the dealer retaining the title until all payments are made, there is enhanced control over the vehicle. This control helps enforce payment discipline more effectively than in traditional financing models.

Key Advantage:

  • Stronger Enforcement: The ability to enforce payment terms strictly discourages delinquencies and maintains financial discipline among buyers.

4. Immunity to Customer Bankruptcy

In an RTO setup, since the dealer is the actual owner of the car until the end of the rental period, the dealership is insulated from the impact of a customer’s bankruptcy.

Key Advantage:

  • Asset Protection: Ownership of the vehicle means dealers are protected in the event of customer financial instability.

5. Simplified Vehicle Recovery

If a customer defaults, the process of reclaiming the vehicle is straightforward and less costly because it does not require external repossession services.

Key Advantage:

  • Cost Efficiency: Direct recovery of vehicles without the need for third-party services cuts down on additional costs and complications.

6. Tax Benefits on Income

Dealers can benefit from preferable tax treatments under RTO models. Taxes are calculated on actual income rather than on projected earnings or sales, which can offer substantial financial relief.

Key Advantage:

  • Immediate Tax Relief: Better alignment of tax obligations with actual cash flow improves overall financial planning.

7. Depreciation Benefits

Owning the vehicles for the duration of the rent-to-own agreement allows dealers to claim depreciation, providing tax breaks that offset the costs associated with asset devaluation.

Key Advantage:

  • Cost Recovery: Depreciation can significantly mitigate the financial impact of vehicle aging and wear.


The Rent to Own car dealership model presents numerous advantages over traditional financing methods like BHPH. It offers dealers a way to increase profitability through consistent income, reduced risks, and better control over assets. By leveraging these benefits, dealers can achieve a more stable and financially secure business model.

By adopting the RTO model, dealers not only improve their operational efficiency but also enhance customer relations by offering flexible and less burdensome financing options. This customer-centric approach, combined with robust financial management, positions RTO as a superior model in the competitive auto dealership landscape.

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Author's Name
By Joshua Aaron. Written in Los Angeles.