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Maximizing RV Sales, A Guide to Six Effective Strategies

January 06, 2024

Successful RV sales hinge on consistency. Many salespeople falter by altering their sales approach with each customer. A uniform process not only streamlines sales but also provides a foundation for continuous improvement. DealerClick's methodology, refined over 30 years and across all 50 states, prioritizes an enhanced customer experience and a shortened sales cycle.

RV Sales Strategy

1. Consistent Greetings

First impressions are crucial. Regardless of how a prospect arrives – via CRM lead, phone call, Facebook Marketplace, or in person – greet them with enthusiasm, introducing them to your dealership and starting the discovery process. Establishing a rapport early on sets the stage for a structured sales journey.

2. Discovery Process

Understanding the customer’s needs is paramount. Start by evaluating any trade-in, using your DMS App to assess value. Ask pointed questions to gauge their current situation and future needs, tailoring the conversation towards how an RV can enhance their lifestyle, and subtly gauge their financial capacity for an RV purchase.

3. Product Demonstration

Showcase the RVs, focusing on benefits rather than features, and use trial closes to gauge interest. Demonstrating how the RV fits their dream lifestyle can make the selection process more efficient and personal.

4. The Write-up

Document every lead meticulously to track customer preferences and financial fit. This organized approach not only aids in follow-up but ensures a tailored experience for each customer.

5. Closing the Sale

Handling objections is key to closing. Remind customers of the emotional and lifestyle benefits of owning an RV, countering hesitations with tailored value propositions that resonate with their initial motivations.

6. After-Sale Care

Post-sale engagement cements customer loyalty and encourages referrals. Regular check-ins, maintenance reminders, and soliciting reviews contribute to a robust customer relationship and ongoing business growth.


Adhering to these six strategies enhances RV sales effectiveness, fostering a customer-centric approach that drives revenue and satisfaction. DealerClick's RV dealer software further supports dealership management, offering tools to streamline operations and enhance customer engagement.

Author's Name
By Joshua Aaron. Written in Los Angeles.