Powersports Pro

Over the Past 30 years we have built a DMS system that does the most for independent motorcycle dealers at the lowest cost available.

How Powersports Pro Saves You Time

Dealership Management Software

We understand that finding a DMS software that saves you time can be hard. And as an independent auto dealer, managing your time is a big concern. And that’s why we’ve built every part of our dealer management software to save you time and increase productivity.

Data Entry

Data entry is a breeze with this motorcycle dealer software. You’ll save countless hours by scanning all your vehicles and customers into the system with the cutting-edge dealer apps; no more entering VIN numbers manually or copying information from a customers driver’s license!


Desking functions are one of the highlights of this powersports software. For that reason, everything you need is on one screen. Book values, credit reports, vehicle history, and deal calculators are all right there!  Above all, with Powersports Pro you can focus on the numbers instead of how the DMS system works. 

Back-End F&I

Back-end F&I products are built right into this dealership software. Warranty, GAP, and Insurance is one click away! Not only does our powersports dealer software have everything integrated, we teach you how to sell the products!


Printing is one click of the button with this easy to use DMS software. Form-packs are created for you by your trainer at your initial training. With one click you can print all the legal forms needed for your deal. No more searching around your motorcycle dealer software for a certain form!

How Powersports Pro Increases Your Profit

Dealership Management Software

Your dealership management software shouldn’t just help you do routine tasks like desking a deal or printing our your legal documents; it should make you more money. And Powersports Pro is a motorcycle dealer software that does exactly that. 

Point of Purchase

At the time of purchase is where you make most of your profit. Our dealer management software along with our DMS apps are the best buyers tools available. Quickly and easily book vehicles, get vehicle history reports, research the auction lanes, and research pricing trends. 

Fee Schedules

Fees are a necessary part of a car deal to offset your costs. This dealer software gives you the ability to add, edit, or remove any or all fees in your default settings. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your DMS software has your fees covered. 

F&I Integrations

Back-end product integrations are a major highlight for any full-featured powersports dealer software. There are many Warranty, GAP, and Insurance choices just one click away! We not only give you the tools, we teach you how to use this DMS system to increase your profits. 


After the sale there is still profit to be made! Powersports Pro can manage all your after-market parts and services including handling the billing, inventory, and payment processing. 

How Powersports Pro Saves You Money

Dealership Management Software

Cost is always a factor when choosing powersports dealer software. And we understand that every dealerships needs are different. That’s why we only ask you to pay for the DMS Software you need and not what you don’t. 

No Bloated Packages

Our pricing is a la carte so each dealer software package is different. We don’t do packages or bundles that load you up with features you may not need. We know that times are tough so we only give you the features that you need.


Non-Commission Sales

Our sales team are not paid a commission! We do this so that there will be no pressure on our customers. We want to make sure you’re a good fit for us and we’re a good fit for you!


In addition to these ways, we offer full live demonstrations, free trials, and coupons to help this awesome motorcycle dealer software fit into any budget. Get started today and start saving time, increasing profit, and saving money with Powersports Pro!

We just opened up our store and DealerClick was our first DMS Software. They taught us so much about the business and how to structure deals to make more money. The software is great but the service is the reason I would recommend DealerClick. Thanks guys!
Robert McMillan
Manager, Best Price Autos