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Buy Here Pay Here Software

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Control all the aspects of your in-house financing business in one centralized DMS system. Recurring payments, debt collection letters, and repossession support are all standard features. Our award-winning buy here pay here software is number one among independent BHPH dealers.

  • Includes support for Lease Here Pay Here including forms.
  • Custom buy here pay here reports are available.
  • Offer flexible payments, terms, and schedules.
  • Accounts receivable and full account management support built-in.
  • Access BHPH data with our mobile apps.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics.

Collections & Repo

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Avoid the hassle of debt collections and repossession!  Our dealer management system has all the tools you need to streamline your debt collection & repo workflow. We also have integrations with third-party debt collectors all over the country for your convenience.

  • Collections letters are fully programmable.
  • You can work with various third party vendors.
  • Easily set schedules for automated repossession letters.
  • Flexible collections tools let you do things your way.
  • User interface is friendly and easy to use.

Over 100 Integrations

SMS & Digital Payments

bhph payments module

Streamline your account management! Save time with recurring payments and gain peace of mind with collections and repossession support. And all financial data is just one click away from Quickbooks at any time.

  • Easily automate recurring payments for BHPH accounts.
  • Repo & collections integrations are standard.
  • Your customers can pay by text, phone, email, or credit/debit card.
  • We offer flexible and low transaction rates.

Quickbooks Accounting

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Our Quickbooks integration is different than what you have probably seen. Our integration is complete, secure, and certified by Intuit. This is not a data-dump, all financial data is neatly organized with the proper chart of accounts. You can even program export schedules from DealerClick.

  • The system is fully integrated with Quickbooks.
  • You can sync your data with one-click.
  • We offer CPA Referrals for advanced configurations.
  • All standard financial reports are built-in.

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Sell BHPH Portfolio

bhph portfolio notes sales

It’s never been easier to get top dollar for your buy here pay here portfolio! This feature is a unique benefit of our software solution. You an get a quote and initiate the sale of your BHPH notes all from within the system. Our partners have been serving the automotive industry for over 50 years.

  • Get top dollar offers from trusted sources.
  • All bulk-purchase and portfolio data is encrypted.
  • Money transfers take place within 24 hours of acceptance.
  • Easily manage the sale from within DealerClick.

Reports & Analytics

bhph management

You can access all your historical reports anytime. We provide free over 100 standard reports broken into simple categories. We are also fully compliant with 6-year backups for DMV or state audits.

  • Generate advanced admin reports.
  • Get free access to our reports library.
  • Easily print or email reports on the go.
  • Export data easily via PDF or CSV format.
  • View all your data in real-time.