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Auto Dealer Websites

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How DealerClick Websites Get More Leads

auto dealer websites
Auto Dealer Websites

Auto dealer websites come in all shapes and sizes. Some look good but don’t perform while others perform but aren’t branded properly. Our Auto Dealer Websites are built to both perform and look good! We even give reports to prove that our dealership websites generate more leads that turn into sales than the competition.

Conversion Rate

We build our Auto Dealer Websites with great sales funnels so you get the most leads. And the leads are high-quality because of this customer journey built into each dealership website. You don’t have to take our word for it, though! Schedule a free demo and we’ll show you reports from actual customers websites!


We have the fastest dealership websites. Period. We use advanced technology along with a global CDN to ensure that anywhere in the world your Auto Dealer Website is responsive and fast. And we don’t use any gimmicks, we’ll give you live samples so you can see for yourself!

Built-In SEO

All of our Auto Dealer Websites come standard with built-in SEO. We don’t believe in SEO upsells. Schedule a free demonstration and we will show you what we give you out of the box!

Fully Integrated

Half the battle for any dealership website is getting your vehicles in front of car shoppers. That’s why we offer free exports to all major advertisers and special sign-up discounts for premium services like Cargurus.

How DealerClick Websites Save You Money

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Auto Dealer Websites

Time is money. Every aspect of a Auto Dealer Website helps automate a business process. Advertising, marketing, accounts receivable, and more! Ask about what our leading auto dealer websites can do for you during your demo!

Online Payments

Many dealerships have customers visit them to make their auto loan payment or post-dated payments. Now, instead of visiting you in-person customers can simply log onto your dealership website to make their payments. The funds are transferred to your account within 24 hours!

Customer Support

Our world-class customer service and support are included FREE with every subscription. This means that changing a logo or a phone number is never going to cost you a thing.

Partner Deals

Over the last 30 years, we’ve become partners with every major service an auto dealer needs. Because of this, we can offer special discounts and rates on the popular services you already use! During your demo ask about discounts for your favorite services!

Built-In Credit App

Every dealership website comes with a secure credit application. We can email/text the leads to you, push them to your CRM program or both. Customizable application questions are also standard with all website packages.

How DealerClick Websites Build Your Brand

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Auto Dealer Websites

People are loyal to brands they like. But competing for attention is increasingly difficult! Auto dealer websites are becoming more competitive and the way people buy cars is changing. That’s why we give all the tools to provide great customer service while building your brand recognition at the same time. We’ll even help you get started if you need some help with branding!

Progressive Web Apps

Each Auto Dealer Website has a framework that will allow us to turn it into a progressive web app! This means customers can download your app to their phone and have a real native-app experience. This also allows you to send real PUSH notifications to your customers!


We offer customization opportunities on all our products including dealership websites! Your logo, your colors, your style! We’ll even help you come up with some ideas if you’re just starting your branding efforts!

PUSH Notifications

PUSH notifications are one of the main benefits of converting your Auto Dealer Website into a progressive web application. These powerful marketing messages are opened 40% more often than a text and 80% more often than an email! During your demo, you’ll be able to test these out!

We just opened up our store and DealerClick was our first DMS Software. They taught us so much about the business and how to structure deals to make more money. The software is great but the service is the reason I would recommend DealerClick. Thanks guys!
Robert McMillan
Manager, Best Price Autos

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