Auto Dealer CRM

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auto dealer crm
Auto Dealer CRM

Auto dealer CRM’s shouldn’t just keep track of your customers. It should allow you to be quick and efficient so your customers keep coming back and leads turn into sales. That’s exactly what  DealerClick CRM does. It’s easy to use, everything is integrated with your dealership management system, and your tools are all on one screen!

Mobile Management

DealerClick mobile apps support all CRM functions plus scanning abilities! This means you can scan a driver’s license, add documents, schedule texts or emails, view data, or perform any other task in a native mobile environment.

100% Integrated with Your DMS

Quickly view and manage your CRM from within your DealerClick DMS interface! Everything is literally integrated into your dealership management system. All your advertising leads come to one place and no double-entry ever!

Easily Manage Records

All your records are on one screen. See communication history, past purchases, account value, sales reports, and much more! All CRM data is shared across your entire system in real-time so you can be productive wherever you are!

Texting and Emailing Capabilities

Each subscription to DealerClick CRM comes with unlimited text and email capabilities. Schedule automated messages for holidays, birthdays, payments and other important dates. We can also integrate with your current text and emailing services upon request.

DealerClick DMS has been a part of our dealership for over 20 years now. It doesn't just work, it makes my life easier. There's a lot of integrations and automation so I don't have to do the same things over and over. I'd recommend checking out this DMS system to any independent dealer who wants to save some time and maximize profits on the back-end.
John Roe
Sales Manager, AutoDiscount USA

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