What is a DMS System? (Dealership Management System)

What is a DMS system? (Dealership Management System)

‘DMS’ is a broadly used acronym in the automobile sales industry that stands for Dealership Management System. A DMS system is a software product auto dealers use for managing their business. Vehicle inventory, auto sales, client data, credit reports, and printing forms are all standard capabilities. In the past, used car dealers logged in to many isolated solutions to maintain their business.  Then, they used separate systems to submit deals to lenders, clients and manage their website.

With the progression in programming, a DMS system can at long last accomplish its actual reason for helping auto dealers manage their whole business from a solitary system. Reconciliations of data and procedures into the central system bring about better administration, effectiveness and at last more car deals. A case study of this could be a dealer gets a web lead from their website which is seamlessly added to the CRM in their DMS system. The system can consequently assign the lead to a salesman. You can pull a credit report, organize the deal and print contracts and paperwork from within the same system. Saving the auto dealer time and facilitating more deals.

Dealer Management Systems Features

Highlights and abilities can differ from system to system, yet the main highlights should incorporate inventory, customer, and lender management. More advanced systems like DealerClick will incorporate multiple locations, advertising and marketing, lender platforms, accounting, and much more. Client relationship management usually enables dealers to track current clients and leads, build deals, and pull credit reports.

Inventory management

Inventory management enables dealerships to deal with the vehicles and track reconditioning and flooring costs and installments. You can also pull book values from KBB, NADA, or Black Book, and pull vehicle history reports from AutoCheck and Carfax. After that, you are armed with all the data you need to set a fair price.

Customer management

Customer management allows the dealer to easily track new leads through the sales process. Receive leads from many places into your centralized auto dealer CRM. Then, you can easily qualify the customer and prepare for the financing phase of building a car deal. All these features should be easily accessible and user-friendly.

Lender management

Lender management ought to permit credit applications to be prepared and sent to the different banks. Consequently, the system should populate all deal structures automatically. Overall, these are the standard highlights you should discover inside a completely bundled Dealership management system like DealerClick DMS.

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