extended warranty

How to Sell More F&I Products!

Because any used car buyers think their cars will never break down, pitching extended-service warranties to them seems like a lost cause. “Many customers think God made their car.” They say, ‘I don’t need an…


Should Car Dealers be Flexible?

Webster’s Dictionary defines flexible as “Willing or disposed to yield; pliable”. For a used car dealer, just like any other business, sometimes people can misunderstand what being flexible really means. As an independent used car dealer,…

RV in the Sun

4 Needs of RV Dealer Software

RV Dealer software is difficult to find. There are specific needs for the average RV dealer. Here are the main four tools that every RV dealer needs. All of these features are contained in the…

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5 Tips to Sell More Cars!

We offer five pointers: Separate reconditioning group. The store’s past 16-day reconditioning time normal owed to the administration office’s accentuation on client pay work. The fix: Use a bit of the store’s body shop where…


Top 5 Challenges to Grow Service Profits

Top 5 Challenges to Grow Service Profits To grow profits in today’s automotive environment, many auto dealers are focusing on growing service department revenue. DealerClick Parts and Services program gives you the tools to achieve…

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Are you using the DealerClick app?

Imagine running your entire auto dealership from the palm of your hand? Okay, you can stop imagining! DealerClick is transforming it’s popular mobile inventory app into a full DMS system. For the first time ever,…

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Increase Profit Margins!

Increase Profit Margins! New York merchant CarCash depended on the old method for overseeing discount vehicles which almost cost the family its dealership. An ongoing scene of CNBC’s The Profit analyzed the battling business, and…