Lease Here Pay Here

DealerClick was one of the first providers to release Lease Here Pay Here software for independent dealers and so far is the only one to perfect it. We have taken over 30 years of feedback and implemented all the best ideas from our dealer partners.

From our streamlined interface, you can see all that you have to oversee installments from leasing clients. As you see current payments in the primary window, you can at the same time observe installment records and any notes you’ve made about your client in the base window.

Our powerful reporting package reveals to you which installments are on time and which are late, and you can set the framework to issue late notification consequently.

Mechanized installments can likewise be followed independently in LHPH, with point by point logbooks that demonstrate to you when your cash will be prepared and whether any earlier installments were declined. Set up your records by means of our integrated payment processing and we’ll advise you day by day which installments are expected so you can accuse them every one of one catch.


  • Save time with collections tools
  • Maximize profits with mobile payment reminders
  • Increase productivity with mobile and web payments
  • Increase customer loyalty with Metro2 reporting


  • Mobile app for collecting payments and sending reminders
  • Customizable invoices, Late Notices, Payment Coupons
  • Credit pulling with Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion
  • Flawless export to Quickbooks
  • Buyback and unwinding functions
  • Expense tracking for post-sale items
car salesman with buyer in car showing contract

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