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Maximize your BHPH profits with this powerful module. Wholesale, Retail, In-House and Non-In-House deal balances show current figures for your customer and lenders. Look up Down Payment, Deferred Payments, Interest and Principal in seconds.

Set late fees and let them trigger automatically, generating standard or custom-edited invoices, late notices and even repo letters. When payments deviate from the schedule, clarify your records with notes that stay attached to a customer’s file even after their credit reports expire.

Our built-in Metro2 interface simplifies consumer credit reporting and ensures compliance with major credit reporting laws, accounting for deferred payments and reporting at both the account and consumer levels. Never lose a customer again for not reporting to the bureaus!

You can process credit, debit, and ACH transactions inside DealerClick by becoming a customer of one of our preferred payment processing partners. Payments can be processed on the mobile app, dealership website, or in the program itself.


  • Save time with collections tools
  • Maximize profits with mobile payment reminders
  • Increase productivity with mobile and web payments
  • Increase customer loyalty with Metro2 reporting


  • Mobile app for collecting payments and sending reminders
  • Customizable invoices, Late Notices, Payment Coupons
  • Credit pulling with Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion
  • Flawless export to Quickbooks
  • Buyback and unwinding functions
  • Expense tracking for post-sale items
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