DealerClick July Newsletter

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June was a great month for DealerClick!

We are happy to announce that our partnership with the FundCars Lending Network is a huge hit! We already have over 100 dealers in the state of California using the integration to get funding for car deals! We are on track to open the program up to new states starting first quarter of next year!

We are gaining new lenders each and every day! Our goal is to help dealers in all 50 states get lending options that they would not otherwise have. This program has been so successful because we give you an option that other providers like RouteOne and DealerTrack do not.

Our business model in our partnership with FundCars is to provide you with lenders no matter how long you have been in business! There is no 2 year minimum and our lenders accept you regardless of any criteria!

Updates and New Features in DealerClick!

powersports, automotive, marine and rv & trailer dealerships

Features and capabilities are always being upgraded and partnerships are always being made! We are working on several exiting new partnerships that will be announced soon. We are working to provide you with more marketing and advertising tools from within your DealerClick software. We are also working to provide you with more integrated warranty and GAP providers.

On our auto dealer software we made improvements to the buy here pay here program including the ability to send automated collections letters. We also made many improvements to all of our parts and services systems! To find out more on what has changed you can sign up for our product updates to never miss another update!


employee of the month

Anthony Cruz is June’s winner! Anthony has been with us for more than a year now and has been a great addition to the team! This in Anthony’s 4th award in 6 months! Great job and keep up the good work!


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