DealerClick DMS Guide

Here you can check out our comprehensive guide for DealerClick DMS!

dealerclick dms button row

Button Bar

This button starts a new Deal, Inventory Item, or Customer depending on the screen you are on when you press the button.
This button opens a Deal, Inventory Item, or Customer depending on the screen you are on when you press the button.
This button saves the actions taken on any given screen.
This button opens the deal screen where you can desk the deal, add backend F&I products and print your paperwork.
This button opens your customer screen. Here you can add a new customer manually or with the app. You can also select from your leads to populate the customer fields.
This button opens the credit pulling screen and allows you to pull the credit of the selected customer on that particular deal. You can select a soft pull or a hard pull.
This button opens your inventory screen where you can manage inventory. You can add/edit/delete any inventory items as well as pull book values and history reports.
Here you can select and print your legal forms. If your state allows laser printed forms you can also select those instead of the traditional Dot-Matrix forms. For your convenience you can make form packs to quickly print all your normal forms with one push of the button.
This button opens the CRM. Here you can communicate with past customers and current leads by email or text. Preformatted messages make staying in communication a breeze.
This button opens a link to where you can manage advertising feeds.
This button opens the export to QB function. One click-exports to the correct chart of accountant saves your accountant tons of time!
This button will open the buy here pay here module if you have the package. Here you can easily manage all your payments and collections efforts.
This button opens the texting and emailing function inside the CRM. Here you can send text and email communications to your current and potential customers.
This button opens the portal to the advanced buy here pay here collections module called ‘Pay My Payments’. Here you can easily track all the past and upcoming payments due from your in-house finance customers.
Here you can view, add, edit or delete attachments for the current deal.

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