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DealerClick is home of the 30-minute deal

When was the last time you did a complete deal in less than 30 minutes? If you're like most dealers the answer is never.

That's why we have designed a dealer management system that is so intuitive and so easy to use that even a desk manager on their first day can figure it out.

No matter how long your deals are taking you with your current dealer software, they could look like this:

First, you scan your prospects ID with our fully integrated 50 state ID reader to automatically populate vital information then you'll pull your prospects credit report with one click from within the program.

After that, you will select the vehicle best suited for your prospect. All costs and related information for the vehicle will automatically populate into the deal.

Now that you have some information about your prospect you can select a lender for the deal and send the application out from right within the program. We are fully integrated with the DealerTrack lending network/RouteOne, CUDL and Credit Lane.

You're almost done!

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  • 8 Types of deals available
  • Customizable Tax defaults
  • Customizable Fee defaults
  • Total control loan specifications
  • Fully integrated payment processing
  • Fully integrated with QuickBooks
  • Employee security controls
  • Quick deal capability
  • Fully integrated with DealerTrack/Route1
  • Fully integrated with Service Contract providers
  • Loaded with legal forms for all 50 states
  • More than 100 detailed Excel reports
Watch the Video

Watch the Video

The Deal Screen

DealerClick Deal Screen

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