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A fully functioning Parts and Services solution


  • Fully integrated payment processing
  • Fully integrated with QuickBooks
  • Employee security controls
  • Customizable reports library
  • Customizable forms library
  • On demand parts ordering
  • Warranty work tracker
  • Predefined services
  • Customer CRM

Run a fully integrated Parts and Service shop

Seamless integration with DealerClick modules means your shop manager has vehicle and customer information already available when work begins to generate estimates, invoices, inventory reconditioning costs and repair notes.

DealerClick provides integrated parts and service modules which enables dealers to manage the heavy volume of parts and labor charges that continually flow this department. Knowing parts and service revenue reflect profits for dealers. We know the importance of keeping sales, collections, and customer retention in order. Integrated Parts Inventory module keeps work orders flowing through the service bay. Seamless QuickBooks integration saves time increasing dealer profits. Blast texting for service reminders.

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Watch the Video

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