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While others brag about the fancy stuff, we take pride in making you money. Because that is what matters in the end of the day.


"We have dazzling designs! We generate this many ads! It's only one click!"

And so we. But what the competition seems to forget, is to ask themselves: how many of the ads actually make it through, are posted and searchable, and are not flagged or ghosted? What is conversation rate on the leads? In other words, are you actually selling the vehicles?
Welcome to the absolute pinnacle of automated posting. While others brag about the fancy stuff, we take pride in making you money. Because that is what matters in the end of the day. That is why our Craigslist posting software is the most aggressive marketing campaign ever created. Our software boasts the lowest ghosting rate - by a very large margin - in comparison to competitors out to mimmick its functionality. Our templates and smart marketing tactics for this application are a result of years of research and experience, specifically designed to meet your main objective, which is to get people to pick up the phone and call. We generate more calls per ad than any other competitor. You will - quite literally - spend more time checking emails from potential buyers than looking at the program itself. We know Craigslist like the back of our hand, and we know exactly what gets people to call you.
The program is simple in concept, yet very sophisticated in its technology. It follows the same logic that a human does when posting to Craigslist. It obtains the information for each vehicle from your inventory, and automatically fills out the fields and posts the ads to Craigslist right before your eyes. When all vehicles are posted, it will take the last step on your behalf and activate the ads by confirming the automated emails from Craigslist It automatically time releases the ads, protecting you from the dreaded "posting too rapidly" message. It will run in the background on your computer all day. It is as if you have hired someone to post ads for you 24-7.


To top it off, once you have enough ads, it is able to renew your ads and put them right on the top of the search results.
Because of the process that it follows, the program is fully compliant with Craigslist's policies. At the same time, it allows you to maximize your exposure on Craigslist with minimal effort. You will sit back and relax as the software posts hundreds of vehicles to several regions, without any interference on your end. There is no CAPTCHA to worry about either, the program never even encounters that page.
The best part is, there is nothing new to learn with this tool. It is truly as if you were posting everything by hand. Except you are completely hands free; your personal robot is.We were the first to execute this concept, and we will always be the best.