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A fully functional stand-alone buy here pay here program

With economy woes and technology advances having the ability to sell to credit challenged individuals has become very profitable and less risky. 

Our Buy-Here Pay-Here module has all the tools needed including, NSF transactions, automatic late fees, pick-up payments, buybacks, un-wind procedures, collections and full integration with QuickBooks makes this module a full featured platform. There is also a complete report section for printing payment coupons, late notices, repossession letters, complete with invoice generation and tracking for expenses occurring after the sale. We also have a GPS recovery system that is fully integrated for managing your recovery efforts.


  • Easy Data exporting
  • GPS tracking
  • Automated Credit reporting
  • Collections Management
  • Customizable Fee defaults
  • Total control loan specifications
  • Fully integrated payment processing
  • Fully integrated with QuickBooks
  • Employee security controls
  • Quick deal capability
  • Fully integrated with Service Contract providers
  • Loaded with legal forms for all 50 states
  • More than 100 detailed Excel reports
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Watch the Video

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