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6 DMS Needs of Marine Dealers

The marine sales market is tough. The needs of a marine dealer are not the same as an auto or RV Dealership. We have put together a list of the top 6 needs of a marine dealer today. DealerClick is one of the only providers of comprehensive dealership management software for marine dealers in all 50 states. Sales Tools Sell more boats with DealerClick Marine. The first thing a marine dealer needs are sales tools. DealerClick Marine is chock full of the necessary tools you need to sell more boats. Easily desk deals, enter deal information, get values, obtain financing, and print all your docs. We have every…
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10 Sales Rep Tips That Work

When you're another vehicle sales rep, preparing tips that advance genuineness, trust, and uprightness will enable you to ascend to the top quickly. Auto sales is energizing — your whole profession is before you, and there's such a great chance to succeed and learn. You have books loaded with vehicle sales rep preparing tips, vehicle manuals, and a membership to each industry magazine you could discover. In case you're new to the business, however, you might be somewhat confounded by the manner in which the clients at your dealership act with you. You realize that you're a legit individual with well meaning, however they're treating you like you're…
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5 Signs of a Successful Dealership

5 Signs of a Successful Dealership How do we decide what makes a dealership successful? Whether it's an auto or truck dealership, an RV or Trailer dealership, or a marine or powersports dealership, the criteria does not change. But what is the criteria of being a successful dealership? Long story short, look to longevity. There are many ways to answer this question but nothing says success like the ability to withstand time and economic conditions to remain in business and profitable. The key is consistency. If you were to ask yourself if you could withstand an economic downturn this year and don't immediately say yes, you may have…
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