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Auto Dealer Advertising

Auto Dealer Advertising programs need to streamline your workflow and get your vehicles in front of as many online buyers as possible. Every facet of our advertising program for auto dealers is designed to help you maximize your online exposure!

One-Click Settings

One click settings for all your feeds mean that you control which inventory is sent where and when. Easily toggle between advertising sites to pinpoint the places you’re most likely to get leads for a specific vehicle.

24/7 Customer Service

Professional set-up at your training time is a huge feature. We will work with your advertising team to make sure your system is set exactly how you need it from the start. This setup is a service we offer free of charge to all customers!


Your leads all come back to your CRM in real-time! This means that as soon as a customer hits the ‘Send’ button, your system will alert you! Allowing you to contact customers at the time they are actually shopping.

DealerClick DMS has been a part of our dealership for over 20 years now. It doesn't just work, it makes my life easier. There's a lot of integrations and automation so I don't have to do the same things over and over. I'd recommend checking out this DMS system to any independent dealer who wants to save some time and maximize profits on the back-end.
John Roe
Sales Manager, AutoDiscount USA

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