6 Sales Tips to Sell More RV’s!

How to sell more RV’s

Here are 6 Sales Tips to Sell More RV’s! There is one huge mistake that RV Salesman make regularly; the sales process they use to sell the RV changes on every single deal with each customer.

The most important thing is consistency. If you have the same pitch and process each time you sell an RV you have something to build on. If you are constantly changing your approach there is no way to tell if you are getting better or not at the art of selling. You will lose money and deals by not having a standard approach.

The RV sales process we recommend at DealerClick DMS is one that we have crafted over 30 years of working with RV dealers in all 50 states across America. Our process is focused on the customer and reducing the time spent to make the sale. We will teach you how to figure out the exact needs of your customer and sell them the RV they are looking need!

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Here are our simple steps:

RV Sales Tip #1: Greetings

Your first of our Sales Tips to Sell More RV’s is the first impression. First impressions are everything when making any kind of sale. No matter how you come into contact, by lead from your CRM, phone call, or physical walk-up. Make sure you always bring positive energy and get the prospect excited about your RV dealership and what you can do for them!

Introduce yourself in a confident voice welcoming them to your dealership and asking how you can help them. Offer to scan their driver’s license with our DMS App so your desk manager can pull credit and start qualifying the customer right away. They will usually tell you at this point why they are at your RV dealership. No matter what they reply your next question should be whether they’ve purchased an RV at your dealership before. This is important because it lets them know that you have a process and sets you up to go further into the sales process with them.

Build Trust

If they say yes or no you are going to describe the process to them with something like this:

“Here at this RV dealership we make our customers comfortable and make sure you get the right RV for you at the right price. We like to sit down with our customers and get to know you a bit first so we can know how to help you. Then we’ll walk through the lot and I’ll show you some RV’s that match what your needs. After you choose a few you like we’ll take you in the office and show you in black and white what it’ll cost to get you camping in your new RV. If everything sounds good to you then we’ll do the paperwork and get you on your way! Is that fair?”

Almost no-one will say that isn’t fair; because it is!

RV Sales Tip #2: Discovery

Your second of our Sales Tips to Sell More RV’s is the discovery. First we want to figure out if there is a trade-in. We ask about this first because we can learn a lot of things based on the trade-in vehicle. If there is a trade, quickly scan the VIN with your DMS App and get the book values into your DMS system in real-time.

If you don’t have a DMS system or are not sure what that is check out our awesome article HERE.



Ask some questions like this:

-What did you pay for that trade-in when it was new?
-How much do you think its worth today?
-What was the problem with this vehicle?
-What do you like about this vehicle?
-How long have you had this RV?

This is just an example but you get the idea. You want to ask as many questions as possible from as many angles as you can think. This will give you a great amount of information to work with during the sale.

Once you learn about their trade-in, we can ask some probing questions about what their needs are today. This will help shape the sales process.

New Sale

Ask questions like this:

-Why do you want to buy an RV?
-What are your plans with your new RV?
-Are you towing anything behind your RV?
-When will you be taking out your RV?

Questions like this are easy to answer and will get you into the flow learning about your customers needs. Next comes something that’s very important and many salesman forget. Add value to your customers lives with benefits from your product!

Build Value

Make statements like this:

-People usually want an RV to build family memories with children before they are grown up.
-Our customers want to see the country with their spouse after retirement.
-In general, folks want to be able to get-away easily for weekends.
-People want to enjoy the awesome freedom of the open road.

This is getting your customer excited about all the ways a new RV is going to improve their lives.

The last thing to do is to ask a few ‘hard’ qualifying questions to see if the customer is a good fit and worth spending more time with. Be tactful when asking these potentially embarrassing questions. You want to find out if this person can qualify for your RV’s or not.


Ask something like:

-So you have pretty good credit?
-How much are you looking to put as a down payment?
-Have you had any trouble getting financing before?

Do not let the customer blow you off. You need to take control of the conversation so you can get the information you need to continue or discontinue the sales process.

RV Sales Tip #3: Demonstration

Your third of our Sales Tips to Sell More RV’s is the demonstration. There is a lot to know here. The product demo is a critical part of the sales process. Here are a couple of pointers during the walk through your lot.

  • Focus on the benefits more than the features. People are emotional, connect your products features with what really matters to them-improving their life.
  • Perform trial closes throughout the whole process.


Ask questions like:

-Is this the one you’re looking for?
-Is this one perfect?
-Can you see yourself on the open road in this baby?
-Want to see the numbers for this RV?

This will allow you to stop showing RV’s as soon as the customer has settled on one. Do not continue to show more RV’s because that will just confuse the sale. Take yes for an answer!

RV Sales Tip #4: Write-ups

Your fourth of our Sales Tips to Sell More RV’s is the write-up. The main thing to remember is to always do a write-up! 100% of your leads should get a write-up or you will have a tough time selling RV’s. This is going to allow you to work the numbers and help make sure the customer can afford the RV they have their heart set on. If someone objects to looking at the numbers explain to them that without looking at the numbers you cannot possibly know how to help them achieve their goal of owning an RV.

Whatever the customers strongest benefit is continue to remind them of that throughout the whole process. This will reinforce their reason for buying a new RV.

RV Sales Tip #5: Closing

Your fifth of our Sales Tips to Sell More RV’s is the all-important closing. Most RV salesman hear ‘no’ at least a few times before closing the deal. Buying an RV is often a large purchase and the customer can get wet-feet.

Your way to overcome any objections is to continue to hammer on the life benefits the customer is looking to gain by owning an RV. People often don’t care about some new features on the latest model, they want to grow memories with their family’s or travel the country and feel free.

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These emotional reinforcements are what is going to get them to sign on the dotted line. After each time they push back remind them again why they really want to get an RV.

Reinforce Value

You can say things like this:

-I understand where you’re coming from but why continue to wait on buying a RV if you want to build family memories today?
-I hear you but why put your dreams on hold if you can buy the RV today for $200 a month?
-I get what you’re saying but why not buy the RV and start traveling with your family like you want to instead of waiting 5 years?

These types of questions will help you solidify the idea in the customers head and earn you the sale more often than not.

RV Sales Tip #6: After-Sale Care

Your sixth and final of our Sales Tips to Sell More RV’s is the after-sale care. This is an important part of growing your sales pipeline and keeping new business rolling in. Here are some pointers on how to keep your customers coming back and referring their friends and family.

  • Keep in contact with your sales. Give them a courtesy call when its time to winterize or get an oil change. Let them know that you’re still here for them if they need anything.
  • Ask for customer reviews once you’ve built a strong repair with your customer. People read what other people have to say about your dealership, so make a satisfied customer and then ask them to help you out!


If you follow these 6 Sales Tips to Sell More RV’s that we’ve learned over 30 years of working with successful RV dealers  and making RV dealer software, you’ll make more sales for sure. To learn more about our line of software products for RV & trainer dealers click HERE. Let us know if you enjoy the article by commenting below!

Thanks for reading!

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