4 needs of rv dealer software

4 Needs of RV Dealer Software

RV Dealer software is difficult to find. There are specific needs for the average RV dealer. Here are the main four tools that every RV dealer needs. All of these features are contained in the industry leading software for RV Dealers, DealerClick.

Desking and Sales Tools

  • Provides powerful selling tools to close deals and print contracts
  • Includes a comprehensive Menu Selling System
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • Keeps track of your relationships with present and future customers.

Parts & Service Tools

  • Allows customer, dealer, warranty(s) and insurance pay codes on the same service order.
  • Displays Supplier Catalogs for easy part selection.
  • Bar Code Scanner to track technician productivity and service orders.
  • Automated Time Clock – featuring employee daily log in and log out and labor tracking for your technicians.
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • Features a daily login and logout for employees and offers convenient labor tracking for technicians.
  • Tracks technician productivity and service orders.

Point of Sale ( POS )

  • Features a friendly touch screen user interface.
  • Accommodates payment of cash, check, credit card, returns and voids.
  • Prints Bar Codes for hard to scan items.
  • Handles out-of-stock and override items.
  • Includes Sales Analysis tools.
  • Handles various payment methods, bar code needs, and inventory analysis.

Accounting Integration

  • With Total Management and QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions integration, you can process deals completed in Sales Manager, revenue from Parts & Service Manager, and retail part sales to eliminate manual entries
  • Integration of QuickBooks allows for direct processing of revenue and sales, eliminating manual entries.



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