extended warranty

How to Sell More F&I Products!

Because any used car buyers think their cars will never break down, pitching extended-service warranties to them seems like a lost cause. “Many customers think God made their car.” They say, ‘I don’t need an extended warranty because it won’t break down.’ Here are some tips for overcoming objections from people who think extended service contracts are for cars built by mere mortals. “Hand them a car part and say, ‘If this breaks down, we can’t fix it; we need to replace it,’” he says, referring to today’s typical repair order. In the past, parts were simple and repairable. Today, they are components that usually are replaced, not…


Should Car Dealers be Flexible?

Webster’s Dictionary defines flexible as “Willing or disposed to yield; pliable”. For a used car dealer, just like any other business, sometimes people can misunderstand what being flexible really means. As an independent used car dealer, it does not mean that you shouldn’t have a point of view. Nor does it mean there should be no process in place. It certainly does not mean to negate your desire to always be improving in all areas of your business. Which most definitely may include revenue, increasing the size of your business, as well as improving the quality and amount of your online reviews. What the word “flexible” really means, is…