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Increase Profit Margins!

Increase Profit Margins! New York merchant CarCash depended on the old method for overseeing discount vehicles which almost cost the family its dealership. An ongoing scene of CNBC’s The Profit analyzed the battling business, and it wasn’t well before host and financial specialist Marcus Lemonis distinguished two essential reasons why CarCash was draining cash and very nearly failed. Be careful with mistaken examinations on vehicles. There is no single trusted appraiser out there. Three experienced trade-in vehicle chiefs assessing a 2005 Acura TSX with 74K miles could yield three distinct evaluations extending from $3,700 to $5,000. Deciding trade-in vehicle valuation is a blemished mix of craftsmanship and science.…

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How do I Get More Lenders?

How do I Get More Lenders? Many auto dealers today are in need of more lenders. The more lenders you have the better the chances of getting the best rate for your customer. Better rates and more choices mean more qualified customers. More customers mean more revenue. So the question is, how do you get more lenders to work with your dealership? That’s where the new partnership between DealerClick and the FundCars¬†Lending Network comes in handy. FundCars Lending Network is a network of auto lenders serving no-prime, sub-prime, mid-prime, and prime customers. The FundCars interface is intuitive and easy to use. As a DealerClick customer, you have already…