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April 7, 2017
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Sponsor Program
Companies across the globe recognize DealerClick as a leader in dealer management technology…

DealerClick is very powerful dealer management software solution distributed to dealerships throughout the United States, Canada, Jamaica and Puerto Rico at a discount.  In return, we ask that the dealers work with our sponsors so we can continuously improve the car buying experience for our dealer’s customers. DealerClick software is a powerful and effective method to advertise your own product or service.

As a valued partner; every day when dealers sign on to DealerClick, your company logo and information are displayed to the user. As an added bonus, your website will be directly linked to www.DealerClick.com providing instant connectivity. Added benefits to our sponsor program are the following:
Your logo will be advertised on every copy of the DealerClick program that is sent out.
Sponsors Logo will be advertised on www.DealerClick.com.
When a current DealerClick customer updates their software, your company information is displayed to the user.


Add to your gross with little hassle

The purchase of an extended service contract through DealerClick software is easy and quick with a single point of entry.  Dealers can explain to it’s customers during or post purchase the benefits of having an extended service contract to prevent the inconvenience and loss of income associated with breakdowns by insuring that towing and repair costs will be covered, and that a rented replacement car will be provided while repairs are being made. The cost of a service contract is often financed with the car, making service contracts more accessible even in times of financial strain. Since the average purchaser of a used car doesn’t have money in the bank to cover the costs of major repairs, the decision to obtain an extended service contract is crucial.  DealerClick has picked the very best in the industry to help its dealers maximize profit potential.


Inventory Upload to major marketing powerhouses
Single click inventory uploads…

DealerClick dealer management software for automotive, RV, motorcycle and marine dealerships has a powerful inventory management features. Built in integration with major inventory listing providers such as Craigslist, Cars.com. and eBay Motors just to name three of the most popular. Once configured simply post your inventory into our easy to use software and 3 times a day your inventory will be updated to both your dealerships web site and all other third party providers. This will save countless hours a month on inventory management alone. Also supported is EZcarlots Smartphone solution for inventory capture.


Internet Marketing, CRM, Social CRM and Social Media Services
Take your dealerships to maximum profitability by best practices….

DealerClick is proud to announce advanced marketing features commonly found in dealer management solutions costing 100’s of thousands of dollars per year.. A robust CRM solution with built in marketing templates, phone, email, SMS and direct marketing built in with a “What you see is what you get” (WYSIWUG) editor supporting email and direct mail.  Unique to our solution is referral program. Your best salesmen is a satisfied customer, track and reward your customers for referring customers to your dealership.

We believe Social Marketing is so massive, we have created its own web site to provide you all the information you need to know about this ground breaking marketing technology. Follow the link below to find out more about the benefits, features and services we now provide dealerships.

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